Active projects

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wholesale nfl jerseys china projects are designed to be executed using the OVN methodology. We want to leverage everyone’s potential to bring development resources in and execute the required tasks.

  • Some projects are funded, in which case, the budget is distributed to all the participants in proportion to their contributions, based on a project road map and a Value Equation. This requires the use of a network resource planning tool and a contribution accounting system.
  • Some projects are not funded, in which case they develop as classical open source projects, and the use of a network resource planning (NRP) tool with open contribution accounting is voluntary.



  1. PARC project – high potential for large funding
  2. Open Space Access – potential for medium funding
  3. Mai – HEC – high potential for low funding
  4. Alliance for Interoperability of Collaborative Technologies – no funding in sight
  5. Distributed media distribution – no funding in sight
  6. Valueflows – no funding, ongoing
  7. Valuenetwork – no funding, ongoing