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Family’s pride as son rides in Queen’s birthday gala Lance Corporal StuartUnderwood, 26, led the charge of the Musical Ride as they cantered in full regalia into the arena in the grounds of Windsor Castle. "It cheap jerseys was a proud moment. It was amazing," he told The Cumberland News. The Queen and many members[…]

SENSORICA presents at University of Montreal

SENSORICA affiliates have been invited at “Colloque de mobilisation des connaissances sur les thèmes de la collaboration et de l’innovation” organized by POINT, MOSAIC/HEC and PARTICIP. Among guests, two important consortia: CRIAQ/CARIC and NovaCentris (former iNono). Our presentation: by Tiberius Brastaviceanu and Fabio Balli Event program is invited to present the OVN model at the AGI Conference 2015 founders were invited to present the OVN model at the AGI Conference 2015 (The eighth Conference on Artificial General Intelligence). Their talk, “Scalable cognition through collaborative sense-making: drafting the Open Value Network model” was included in the Workshop on Synthetic Cognitive Development and Integrated-Distributed Agency (IDA), organized by David Weinbaum and Viktoras Veitas. The talk was[…]

Sensorica presents the OVN model at the White House

On June the 11th, 2015, SENSORICA co-founder Tiberius Brastaviceanu was invited to the White House, in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, to discuss the open value network model pioneered by SENSORICA. Hosted by Jenn Gustetic, Assistant Director for Open Innovation, the focus of the discussion was around collaborative crowdsourcing models and interfaces between open communities[…]