Cooperating to build OPEN VALUE NETWORKS


Enabling collaboration between different Open Value Networks
A shared hub for an evolving and growing ecosystem

It has become apparent that the development and promotion of the OVN model of production and other alternatives for distributed organizations requires a focused effort by the network of people that are working on it. This is required so as to acquire data and experiences from each group on the practices that work and those that do not so as to converge into a set of good methodologies. At the same time, the more the network shows that it has a strong mass, the easier it is to acquire funding from governments, determine favourable policy changes or inspire people around the world to join us. Thus, it has been proposed to build a site that will allow everyone to work on the aforementioned goals as well as specify the current common methodologies around the network.

Who is in our network?

Some of the nodes which are part of the OVN.SPACE ecosystem is a decentralized Research & Development organization whose goal is the exploration of the potential of P2P Social Dynamics and Self-organizing systems. It also explores OVNs and has led the initiative.
Sensorica is an open, decentralized and self-organizing value network, designing, producing, and distributing sensing and sensemaking solutions.
Developing software for transitioning to the next economy. Current projects include the Network Resource Planning and Value Accounting for Open Value Networks, used by Sensorica and others, and ValueFlows, a collaboration to develop a common vocabulary.
METAMAPS.CC is a free and open source platform that supports real-time sense-making, distributed collaboration, and the creative intelligence of individuals, organizations and communities. Metamaps is currently in an invite-only beta.
Value Flows
Value Flows is working on a set of common vocabularies to describe flows of economic resources of all kinds within distributed economic ecosystems. Its goal is internetworking among many different software projects for resource planning and accounting within fractal networks of people and groups.
Kendra Initiative
Kendra Initiative is an international media, technology, academic and industry alliance. The mission is to foster an open distributed marketplace for digital media (including films, music, images, games and text).
Backfeed develops resilient technology and new economic models to support free, large-scale, systematic collaboration. Based on a distributed governance model, Backfeed protocols make it possible for people to easily deploy and maintain decentralized applications and organizations.
The Citizens Media
Connecting communication, projects and commerce in transitioning to the new economy

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